Headway Charity Fête

August 19, 2006

In August Linda and Dave sang at the Headway Charity fête along with Paddy Butcher (a great local folk artist and hurdy gurdy player – check out his band “Bof!“).

This was part of a drive to help raise £30,000 to save this very worthy service which helps brain injured Suffolk people.


Milkmaid Folk Club

July 21, 2006

Terry Walden says:
A great evening full of high octane energy from a really passionate and powerful performer. Kieran writes songs full of emotion and gets you thinking. He keeps your attention all through the evening with his songs and introductions. A most enjoyable evening, not many in but there you go.

Support was by ‘Sound Tradition’ who just get better and better. They are certainly going to leave a mark on the traditional folk scene in Suffolk and surrounding counties.

Milkmaid Folk Club

March 17, 2006

March 2006 saw the very first Sound Tradition gig at the Milkmaid Folk Club, which was then held at the British Royal Legion Club in Guildhall Street, Bury St. Edmunds.

This was supporting Penni McLaren Walker who was playing with two of the founder members of Shave the Monkey: Bryan Causton and Carolyn Sheppard.