The Rock Lobster Sessions

Our latest project is getting our first studio CD recorded.  We’ve been working with Rock Lobster Studios in Southwold, and they’ve been great so far.  We’ve got seven songs recorded; now we’re heading into the studio again on February 18th to finish it off.  This is the easy bit!  Then we have to organise cover artwork, distribution, etc. etc.  


One Response to The Rock Lobster Sessions

  1. T.B.M. says:

    I first stumbled upon this superb trio some 18 months ago and was immediately impressed by their relaxed style, wide range of songs and the wonderful harmony. Untill this point I had not been a fan of aca pella singing but their performance on that night in Cambridge did it for me, so much so that I am now a fan and often wonder what I may have been missing over the years. Some months after first seeing and hearing Sound Tradition and several performances later I had reason to put on a concert in my locallity and immediately thought of booking them. I did and they were fantastic and if I put on concerts in the future they will be my first choice to head the bill. I understand they are active in the Bury St. Edmunds area and can be heard at the Rose and Crown folk session on the first Wednesday of each month. They also perform regularly at the Milk Maid folk club in Bury and I am sure they can be heard throughout the area if a search is made of the local sessions. If their c.d. is as good as their live performances they have got a winner. Highly recommended

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